Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dresden (part one)

She stares blankly
With cool glass eyes
Red painted lips
And black bow ties
Satin hair
Down to her knees
A silk corset
Holds in her screams
White porcelain skin
She has no flaws
Pretty pink polish
Hiding razor sharp claws

She never cries
She never laughs
She sits alone
The hours pass

A little girl
No more than six
Enters the shop
To take her pick
Her eyes light up
She's made her choice
"Time to go home,"
Her mother's voice

And as the girl straps her new doll in
Red painted lips begin to grin


  1. Brittany- Sorry to try and contact you here, but you didn't have an e-mail on your profile. Wanted to say CONGRATS!!!! You won the European chocolate giveaway for Friday Freebies on Please e-mail me your address to and I'll mail it out to you! Congrats again!